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little health update

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wrote a dumb little blurb about what’s been going on with me health wise

I miss my hair
After an early start to a long and tiring day yesterday, my first round of chemo is over. I’m one step closer to getting better.
So I’m starting chemotherapy tomorrow…sigh.
Don’t know why I looked up what happens during a bone marrow biopsy (since I’m getting one on Tuesday) buuuuttttttt they probably would have told me anyways and now I’m extra freaking out about it and ohhhh gooodddddddddddddd #savemybonemarrow2014
Thank you, anon and friend, (although I so wish you hadn’t been anon and would love it if you told me who you were/what your blog was so I could look at it as well!) for these kind, caring words. It is absolutely amazing being reached out to by people like you (strangers and those in the tumblr community) as well as people I know (friends, family, etc) who have gone through this or things like this as well. I really can’t even begin to explain how much this means to me. I’m not quite sure if I will ever get past the “won’t I just wake up one of these days?/is this really happening?” feelings—not that I can say that it’s not better for me anyways considering the anxiety I sometimes have problems with when it comes to going to doctors and such—BUT what does matter is that when it is over, hopefully in just four months (I suppose depending on how treatments go), it will be OVER and I will not be able to express enough happiness and love for health and strength. I am definitely still in the stage where I’m freaking out about losing my hair in just a few weeks after starting and feeling nauseous, etc. I will get past that though and hair grows back and there are so many anti-nausea things out there it’s ridiculous. Let’s just hope they work. I so, so appreciate the luck and good vibes and will do my best to stay as strong as possible. I know how important it is to not let this really impact how I act and how I live my life—low energy, sadness, sickness, or what. Thank you again for being sweet enough to send this my way and thank you for the compliment on my blog! I’m so glad. Please, if you can, let me know who you are!! 
Also, fuck barium. I couldn’t get more than two gulps down. *gaaaag* Berry scented fuck up of a thing to drink. Blech blech blech.
I focus too much on how unhappy my veins and I are about the amount of needles they have to meet instead of what good things are happening, no matter how small. I’m talking to more old friends and friends I had lost touch with throughout the year and it puts a smile on my face every time I finally get to talk to the people I wanted to talk to. Thank God. Something is finally going right in my life. Today’s tests are over and my arms hurt but they’re OVER and I couldn’t be more over it myself. At least I get a break this weekend before my bone marrow test on Tuesday. What else? What else? My best friend is coming to visit me in a little less than three weeks all the way from St. Louis, my other best friends come home from college in just two days or so, and I HAVE THIS WEEKEND TO NOT GET POKED WITH ANY MORE NEEDLES. Can you tell that I’m relieved? I think they’re about to run out of veins soon anyways. I’ll have to get a port installed into my arm for the multiple IV’s and what not. Sigh. I’m getting there. Soon enough or something.
All these doctors’ appointments just make me so anxious. A bone marrow test? Really? And they won’t put me out?! Jesus Christ. I never thought I’d have to even hear those words. And I swear if I have to do one more blood test this week I’m going to scream. Chemo should start after next week. Shit. And I’m still sitting here waiting to wake the fuck up.
Figured I’d catch a break somewhere but whenever I say “it could be worse” it gets worse. Got some more results and found out I have non Hodgkins lymphoma. Sigh. Not looking forward to what’s to come—but can’t wait for it to all be over with. God, keep me strong.
My room is a mess and so is my hair I’m a messss